A quirky cheetah on the internet

Writer, voice actor, fursuiter, ADHD cat who doesn't know what they're doing


I've been writing for as long as I can remember - And suffering from writer's block probably just as long. From roleplay to short stories, blog posts to random advice, you can find my writings all over the place. But that's not all I'm doing! Now you can find me playing games on twitch, getting lost in VR, creating texture skins for 3D avatars, and creating real life costumes!And whatever else my ADHD decides that I should pick up next.I'm also an avid member of the furry fandom, and an active fursuiter. In my free time I dress up as a fluffy dragon (Tempo) or sharkfox (Eventide), and entertain people of all ages at conventions and charity events.

Where to Find me

I'm always up to new things, here's where you can find me and my creations. Blue buttons are my main spots that are most often updated!